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The phrase, “anger management” usually refers to a program of techniques and exercises designed to help a person gain control of excessive anger or rage. While expressing anger can be a healthy release of frustration, uncontrolled rage – such as a fist through the wall, things thrown about, cars driven erratically – can lead to family problems, health issues, job difficulties, legal problems, and worse. Because men have been socialized to be more comfortable with expressing anger than with expressing other emotions, they are at risk of transforming all negative feelings into anger. This isn’t the way it needs to be.

Anxiety and depression; you can hardly turn on the television without seeing an ad for a drug with which to treat them. Lately, many of the ads include men. It’s not that more men are anxious or depressed these days. It’s that anxiety and depression are finally being acknowledged as more than “women’s issues.” In a world in which men have for so long been expected to be strong and silent, those with anxiety or depression might hold those feelings tight and self-medicate. This can lead to addictions, violence, relationship problems, and other debilitating behaviors.

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides a number of services designed to help men recognize and treat the causes of their anxiety and depression in a safe and supporting environment. We believe it isn’t “unmanly” to struggle with depression or anxiety; it’s just a human condition. Asking for help is courageous and good self-care. We have counseling services that help men grow in mind and spirit, while offering them an opportunity to transform their lives into a life of meaning and satisfaction.

Male socialization continues to adversely affect the lives of men and the people who love them. In spite of increasing awareness, most men are still at the mercy of rigid male training. They struggle with intimacy, self-disclosure, identity, an inability to express a range of feelings, and anger management or domestic violence, lacking workshops or counseling that is desperately needed. As a result, they often drink too much, work too hard, violate their marriage vows, and die young.

Managing stress has become a full-time job for many. The stress of finances, employment, education, and relationships can weigh heavily and have an adverse effect on men’s physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. There was a time when our world needed men to be armored and cut off from their heart and soul in order to be effective warriors, explorers, and capitalists.  But now many recognize they’re living lives of quiet desperation.

Today, men need to learn how to take off the armor in order to explore their feelings and more fully engage life. The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan provides the services below to help men better manage stress and regain their lives.

Traumatic experiences can have long-term effects that manifest themselves in psychological and physiological ways, having a direct impact on emotional and physical well-being.

Men, in particular, are trained to “suck it up” when it comes to recovering from a traumatic experience. Or, they are taught to believe that a “real man” is strong enough to endure traumatic or difficult events; so to be emotionally impacted is tantamount to inferiority or weakness. This can lead to episodes of abrupt anger, hypersensitivity, anxiety, conflict in relationships, and addictions. The consequence can be an unsatisfying and unfulfilled life. All of which can be avoided with the right help.

The Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan understands the pressure to “take it like a man,” which is why we work to engage men in an alternate, courageous, and real path to recovery; facing the realities of trauma in a safe and welcoming relationship.

Sex and intimacy are important for a loving, healthy, and caring relationship. But sometimes, our body image, inhibitions, past trauma, or physical abilities become stumbling blocks that won’t allow us to express our feelings and desires in the way we’d like. We get stuck in unfulfilling patterns, frozen in fear, anxious about how to talk about it or create a satisfying intimate life.

At the Men’s Resource Center of West Michigan, we help men overcome feelings of inadequacy and limitation – bringing your mind and body together to help create the intimacy you and your partner desire.

Men issues that are faced is Value and purpose. As a man your value is in your job and i fyou dont have an acceptable job you are "use;ess, have no purpose, cannot proide and are less than a man.

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